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Mary Kate Carr
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i actually think it might be the BEST time to start (after the actual beginning)!! godspeed! Read more

i think she’s already a rom-com star! the majority of these picks have never done one before. she’s def a strong candidate for the crown this era, though Read more

i like this line of thinking. but still, our experience of the show (and its payoff, or lack thereof) as an audience is just as important as jen’s. if not more so, since she’s a character here for our entertainment! Read more

fair enough--i can see how his non-specific language is enough of an explanation. i guess thinking back on it, it’s more of an issue that there’s a lack of resolution between jen and blonsky. he’s become a trusted confidant for her at this point, so the fact that he’d collude with this group (even in an accidental Read more

sadly, it’s entirely possible!! it’s before my time but i wish i put two and two together before publishing 😅 i still love that they made mark ruffalo stand silently in ’70s gear for it!  Read more

this is my favorite interpretation of the hasty wrap up so far—i guess it just went over my head, but it would have been fun if they leaned into this even more Read more

i’m with you on all of this—i really enjoy the meta element of lambasting misogynistic and easter egg-heavy fan culture, and her ability to do her own retcon is great. it’s the lack of wrap-up *after* the retcon that bums me out. she took agency from KEVIN, but she didn’t actually gain agency *in the story*--she Read more

hmmm you could definitely be right about this, my mistake Read more

very agreed on your last point--crossing my fingers this is handled well in the next episode, but it’s hard to imagine within the sitcom tone Read more

squirrel girl would be a perfect tonal fit for this show! Read more

sheesh, you’re right, i AM mistaken--should have been more specific in terms of guest stars/GLK&H clients Read more

you know, i wrote that unthinkingly but you’re right to call it out—jonathan bailey fandom knows no gender. next time i’ll be more inclusive with my language. and crashing was amazing! Read more

season 6 actually had an episode where tabitha traveled in time and tried to prevent the assassination of MLK, which also dealt with the notion of riverdale being a sundown town. there was a lot of wild plotlines i couldn’t even fit in this piece! Read more