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Mary Kate Carr
AV Club staff writer, rom-com lover, and 1D enthusiast.

I loved The 100 all the way through the end, and I feel confident that it had the highest body count of all the CW shows. People accused TWD of being misery porn, but I think The 100 gave it a run for its money. There were times where I wondered why they were so hell-bent on surviving because their lives really sucked!
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This sounds very much like the earnings call episode of American Auto. Zaslav is just riffing while people are running around behind the scenes.  Read more

I got real, “What’s In Your Backpack?” vibes from George Clooney in Up in the Air as soon as he started speaking.  Read more

“distracts from the story, which is that my life fell apart right when I was learning to be both Jen and She-Hulk. Those are my stakes, K.E.V.I.N.”
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She did fix her ending. Off-screen. It’s one final gag; remember, she asked KEVIN on the way out what the most cost-effective way to deal with the rest of the episode would be. So the entire climactic fight scene gets skipped and we’re just assured it did happen and it was very cool and everyone got an entirely Read more

absolutely loved the show. thank you to everyone involved including former jez writer kara brown! proud!

I admire Jessica Gao’s restraint in not titling this episode “KEVIN Can F**k Himself.”  Read more

Blonsky clearly did not know the group he was speaking to. It was canned bullshit meant to sort of apply to any group. It wasn’t a plot hole. It was a cognition hole on your part. Read more

It happens!  Honestly I was super excited just because Mr. Immortal is the first time we’ve seen a member of the Great Lakes Avengers in the MCU.  Can my all-time favorite Squirrel Girl be far behind?
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Thank you for using the word “cheugy” that is absolutely my favorite zoomer slang. I actively own / wear like seven pairs of Crocs. Cheugy defines me. A lot of “90's kid” stuff is cheugy and I absolutely adore it. Read more