Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh doesn't understand how the stock market works, but he can tell you all about Valyrian steel, Hogwarts, and the problems with time travel in Back To The Future.
Jan 29

The opening to “Playing My Piano” is so bad that if any other band released this song I’d assume it was an intentional joke. The rest of the song is just as bad.

May 24 2019

Thanks for reading. Here’s a photo of Jon walking through Castle Black’s courtyard at the end of the show. There are six member of the Night’s Watch on the right.

May 16 2019

I don’t care about being wrong. If I worried about that I would never make any predictions.

May 10 2019

The Blue Album isn’t Weezer’s best album.

It’s the best album ever please and thank you.

Apr 25 2019

The Targaryens didn’t exist until after the first Long Night ended, and (at least on the show) we saw the Night King’s creation by the Children of the Forest, which came long before the Long Night.

Feb 21 2018

Bill Polian gleefully went on ESPN after Aaron Hernandez was arrested to gloat about how he had removed him from his draft board entirely.

Bill Polian drafted Rae Carruth in the first round.

Jan 28 2018

You are drawing numbers before the match, so you don’t know who you have until their music hits. It’s way more fun that way, and you don’t have to worry about surprise entrants or last second changes.

Aug 25 2017

I think Jon is a) the Prince That Was Promised b) willing to sacrifice his life to save others, and c) it will take the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the Night King. Martin has said the ending will be bittersweet, and the living winning but only because Jon gave his life for the victory would fit that.