Nina Corcoran
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3/26/19 10:26AM

This is a good list to have. Ive tried most all the Samyang spicy offerings at this point (Curry tastes the best). I’d like to branch out. Read more

3/25/19 11:35PM

I’m a bit surprised at how quickly some of the specialty variations of Paldo are making it to the overseas market - I just started seeing their “mala” variety a week or two ago in our supermarkets here in Seoul. It’s riding high on the current popularity of Chinese-style malatang EVERYTHING, but who knows? I figured Read more

3/25/19 11:02PM

I'm obsessed with Indomie!! I lived abroad in Indonesia and it's seriously not a bad replicant 

3/25/19 9:48PM

Good, this list did not disappoint in the last 5, but I was hoping that someone made and found a spicier version of 2x because I am so used to the lovely flavor and heat of 2x that I wish someone would make something tasty and hotter. Read more