William Hughes
6/04/21 4:18PM

I love everything about Chongqing except the stuff in the base proper, especially on the first run through. The Mission Story for the “I can predict everybody” target is cool, but I don’t like the hassle of infiltrating the base.

6/04/21 4:17PM

The third biome was my hard wall on that game, and the range requirements on that boss are objectively a bad idea in a game where you can only carry one gun at a time. My advice is to run through every room of all three biomes to get your Augments and Proficiency up, find a Carbine with decent perks and good bonus Read more

6/04/21 4:15PM

I tried making an FFXIV character last year, but my ability to get through MMO levels of on-screen tutorial text has really dipped in recent years. Get me in there and hitting stuff!

6/04/21 4:14PM

I’ve outed myself as a monster who thinks Dodgeball the movie is a real solid B-

5/27/21 10:59PM

For the record:

1) Taiwan is a country.

2) China did not give me money to write this piece, which is mostly about how China leverages and abuses its newfound power over the global box office to dictate PR messaging in line with its party line for Hollywood films and stars, and the strange new realities that this creates Read more

4/09/21 9:02PM

As the site’s most stridently annoying Southland Tales fan/historian, I will say that when Justin Timberlake is doing Justin Timberlake things (starring in a music video as women fawn over him) he is very good, and when he is doing not-Justin Timberlake things (talking) he is less good.

4/09/21 6:47AM

The opening area of Bloodborne is one of my favorite areas From’s ever done. Yarnham has so many little shortcuts and connections and I can reconstruct almost all of them from memory at this point.

2/10/21 7:40PM

Miyamoto has said in multiple interviews that DK is Mario’s pet.

1/29/21 6:21PM

The idea of Shibuya Scramble as a speed-run game is very funny to me. Racing through the Text Adventure dungeon to get your 100% All Dialogue Seen run time down.

12/15/20 2:52PM

So grateful to everybody reading and engaging with this piece, there are some really strong points being made (both for and against its central thesis) down here. One thing I wish I’d made a little clearer in my text, though: I don’t object to V because they’re a blank player avatar—I like a blank player avatar just Read more

10/09/20 1:13PM

Are people still playing Friday The 13th? If I had a core of 8 people to play stuff like that, it’d probably be in the regular rotation; I just had a not-great time with randos online.

10/09/20 1:11PM

Second the recommendation of Murder By Numbers to keep the picross addiction going, but if you have a DS or 3DS you also need Picross 3D and the sequel in your life.

10/09/20 1:09PM

I was going to comment on this, but then I…*snrk* Then I *chortle* Then I *teehee* But then I took an *guffaw*

10/01/20 10:11PM

Thank you! I saw someone link to that in the comments on the Soundcloud, but assumed it was the original movie version, and not this complete insanity. (Which I have also now learned somehow charted No. 60 on the Billboard Hot 100)

9/25/20 3:51PM

I’ve spent 700 hours playing Isaac, and another 100 or so talking about it on my podcast, so I love the game to death. But the narrative is barely there, especially when you compare it to something like Hades.

9/16/20 11:51PM

She definitely sounds a little... weathered? Especially in Orpheus. I think it works for the episode, though.

9/16/20 11:43PM

I mean, I didn’t even talk about the season where they all quit their spy jobs to become international cocaine dealers/country music stars.

9/11/20 11:53PM

It’s been a second since I played, but I think that’s exactly what he does, isn’t it? When you go into the hologram room in the Shinra building, and you end up seeing a video of all that destruction, that’s Sephiroth using images of Meteor to convince Cloud etc. that they lose, so they’d better try to change fate. Read more

9/11/20 11:36PM

I might end up covering it in the column (although, as you note, we’ve got Spelunky on the way), but I found myself really underwhelmed by the state of Rogue Legacy 2. I think, with a roguelike especially, you’ve got to fundamentally alter mechanics if you’re going to sell people on a sequel. I can’t just climb the Read more