William Hughes
6/04/21 11:15AM

With last weekend being longer thanks to Memorial Day, and my having bought Dragon Age 2, I ended up not going back to Thedas, mostly because I need to move my Origins/Awakening save from my old PC to my newer one so I can import the world state, however other things kept coming up.

5/14/21 1:42AM

Well, I’m not much of a one for survival horror type games, so I’ve never played a Resident Evil game. I’m aware that they’re also known for being a bit goofy and that Village is also known for the Big Vampire Lady that’s inspired a whole lot of horniness on Twitter.

5/14/21 1:39AM

Got my second vaccine jab this week, I was prepared for some major side effects but I think it was just my arm hurting (which everyone gets.) So I’ve been chilling with some Final Fantasy XIV and finally making some alts. Read more

3/26/21 7:42AM

As I touched on in last week’s thread, I gave in to the realities of the GPU shortage and ordered myself a new pre-built desktop PC to become my main gaming device rather than my infamous potato laptop. Which means that I’ve gone from this as my main system:

3/22/21 11:01AM

Because as the title says, the focus is on the Game Boy’s wierdest rivals. The Lynx, Game Gear, and Sony’s portable consoles were all rivals, but there wasn’t anything weird or obscure about them, they were treated as legitimate competition, unlike most of these (same goes for the short-lived Neo-Geo Pocket Color, or Read more

3/05/21 11:19AM

Almost done with Maquette (I think), and I have to say, this is a strong early candidate for most disappointing game of the year. It has a lot of flaws, but I want to zero in on a couple of things that I don’t think can be fixed by game’s end. First: the writing. The game tells your classic “boy and girl fall in love, Read more

3/05/21 8:46AM

Grabbed a copy of Earth Defense Force 5 for cheap and I’ve been enjoying it a ton. It really isn’t too different from 4.1 but they try to make it a bit more story heavy. It’s still just shooting waves of bugs, UFOs and robots for hours on end with different weapons. It also still looks like a bad ps2 game and I love Read more

10/09/20 12:37PM

If you’re jonesing for more picross I can’t recommend Murder By Numbers enough. 

5/06/20 11:38PM

“Civil War,” a children’s guide to, you guessed it... Captain America: Civil War

4/22/20 1:54PM

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t really expect any response to my snark and I appreciate it! 

3/20/20 9:39AM

While most (if not all) of the Myst games deal with worlds that have been used and discarded, Riven was about a world that was literally falling apart.

2/14/20 2:47PM

As far as annoying sidekicks in games go, the one that’s stuck with me all these years is Cedric the Owl from King’s Quest V. Whenever I got stuck I’d try to kill him with my magic wand.