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Reid McCarter
Contributor, The A.V. Club. Reid's a writer and editor who has appeared at GQ, Playboy, and Paste. He also co-created and writes for videogame sites Bullet Points Monthly and Digital Love Child.

Hey Reid? Wanna to permanently ban -dremilioilizarrdo please? Literally trolling to try and spoil End Game for everyone. Pro tip no one read the greys. Although it's easy to see if he's in there because it'll make the display look wonky.  Read more

It’s worth noting that Craig Finn also has a direct connection to Frightened Rabbit. The single for The Loneliness and the Scream has as its B-side a cover of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Finn filling the Kiki Dee part.  Read more

Ctrl+F ‘catana’...
No? C’mon, McCarter, you get paid for this? Read more

So true. Harvey himself kept his unprovoked assaults private. Read more

Having done a little graphics work myself, I always think about the poor, underpaid graphics guy who had to pull all this together from what I’m assuming was a fistful of bar napkins that Hannity threw at him 10 minutes before air and told him to make into a legible chart.
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