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Wednesday 8:20AM

I’m both shocked and disappointed by the apparently large overlap between AV Club Commentariat and Joe Rogan defenders.

6/08/21 4:47PM

At this point, Pierce Brosnan has played a dissolute middle-aged riff on James Bond more times than he’s played the actual Bond

I think my favorite example of this is in The Tailor of Panama...he really nails the sleazeball aspect of a Bond-esque spy and helps make the movie fairly entertaining (if not exactly good Read more

6/05/21 5:24PM

Just had to mention the Randy Travis cameo and the scene where Jon Voight tries to choke him out.

6/05/21 10:31AM

I’ll go to bat for “Autopilot” from Death to False Metal, another mess of an album (although at least that was a B-sides collection). There is something to be said for a tonally consistent departure, which is part of why I like OK Human (and it’s a pretty good batch of songs too). King Gizzard is another band that’s Read more

6/04/21 2:27PM

Early ‘00s Pitchfork is really the epitome of the phenomenon when a group of largely immature people have way, way too much influence. And I’m reminded of someone commenting that if, say, NYC Ghosts & Flowers or Liz Phair or Travistan actually deserved a 0.0, what rating would you give, say, a neo-Nazi band? Read more

6/04/21 1:02PM

I made a playlist of her post-WCSE, pre-Soberish material that in my mind-canon is her 4th album, with the new one being her 5th proper release. So far the delusion has been working out fine for me.

1. Little Digger (Liz Phair) Read more

6/04/21 10:48AM

Which one has “Little Digger?” To me, that’s an essential one to save if we’re going to shelve large chunks of the self-titled and Somebody’s Miracle.

There’s a through-line from the marital dissatisfaction in wcse to the dating-in-her-50s stuff on Soberish, and pausing for (a fictionalized) Nick meeting a new Read more

6/01/21 12:27PM

Not that this is your fault, Jesse, but the movie you were describing sounded so boring that I fell asleep halfway through the review. Read more

6/01/21 12:22PM

Hahaha, believe it or not, this was actually quite a helpful review as I’ve been trying to reconcile the original animated movie I have vague recollections of with this thing that my six-year old is apparently obsessed with on Netflix.

5/25/21 12:33PM

So if Diesel is our Stallone, what you’re saying is that in a couple of years we should be gearing up for his improbably deep awards season run for his work in a gritty Boiler Room sequel... you know what, I’m into it.

5/11/21 9:52AM

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: despite being used to AVClub’s occasional grammar flub, it’s absurd how often y’all misspell “America’s Sweetheart, Aidy Bryant” in here. You don’t even write the proper “ASAB” abbreviation in the interview. This is supposed to be at least a little professional, right?

5/10/21 6:24PM

Williamsburg is not off the beaten path and I do know people that went to shows there. Plus Williamsburg has tourism. I don't think you know wtf you are talking about. 

5/09/21 6:13AM

I’m on the spectrum myself and got the same feeling. At best it could explain how he goes about some things, but certainly not the why. Neurodiversity is cool and we certainly shouldn’t try to all act in the same way (much as society may try to pressure us all) but we can still be decent human beings.

5/09/21 5:35AM

a public announcement that should, if nothing else, throw some much-needed attention toward that often misunderstood condition.” Read more

5/07/21 1:43PM

Whenever Tesla comes to my campus to solicit students, the main selling point isn’t hours, benefits, future prospects. Read more

5/05/21 9:25PM

Oh my god I love your writing style, thank you for bringing joy into my day.