Ryan Vlastelica
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One of my all time favs goes, unsurprisingly, to The Simpsons:
“Come on Homer, you enjoy Japanese culture. You liked Rashomon.”
“That’s not the way I remember it.”

It’s not complicated—you can explain the joke in about five seconds to someone who hasn’t seen the movie—but if you have, it’s just instantly hilarious.

I’ve seen both movies, and while I agree with your that Sunrise is a better film, it tickles me to no end that the first Best Picture Oscar went to a gay love story.

I have to insist on a hugely important film: The Thief of Bagdad (1940). HUGELY important to the field of visual effects, this film’s VFX artists pioneered the chroma key process by devising the first blue-screen compositing method. It was employed successfully for the first time on this film, and you’d be hard Read more

Ryan - I think I have an answer for you: I read the book of Forrest Gump long before I saw the movie, and watched the movie expecting, as you say, something cynical and satirical, and... Read more

I really want to read the Fillory books from The Magicians.

If you’re into comics at all, check out Garth Ennis’s run on The Shadow from five or six years ago.  He unfortunately only wrote the first storyline of Dark Horse’s reboot or restart, or whatever (I read the next issue from whoever they replaced him with and promptly dropped it), but it amounts to a great little Read more

Great review - I have absolutely zero interest in Christian rock or the roots thereof, but I’d read this. Read more

I’ll correct you a bit here - Redford would for sure made the guy look heroic; Newman would have gone exactly the opposite direction. My proof? Well, The Verdict, which, when Redford had the part, was going to start with the character .. not on the skids - and when Newman got it, he relished the character’s seediness Read more

Very sad that Brap Brap Pew Pew wasn’t featured! Connected with me on a spiritual level.