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I think Neil is always in the sitcom world, even without Kevin, because he’s just another version of him. Instead of torturing his wife, he’s doing it to his sister. Patty has come up with her own way of dealing with it—acting like she’s part of the group. Her teaming up with and finding a friend in Allison helps her Read more

If you do get Apple TV+—it’s totally worth it—Ted Lasso should be number 1 but also check out Mythic Quest, Little America, and For All Mankind (among others!).

Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you found the show when you did, and I hope you enjoy season 2 just as much. 

Sam Obisanya is the unexpected but wonderful MVP of season 2. 

There’s a dialogue in the premiere where he says he’s 35, the same age as Allison, followed by a crude joke (obviously). 

I agree. She is seemingly nice, but it’s also suspicious that when she shows up (late!) to Sam’s AA meeting, even he is surprised. There’s more to the story here too.

The last scene was great and definitely a much-needed confrontation between Allison and Patty. Also, good point re: “A lot of women out there are probably Allisons, but even they themselves may not be able to fully recognize it.”

Thank you for reading and sharing. I agree, the show is definitely committed to slowly but effectively showing Kevin’s psyche, so I hope we get to see more of Allison’s and how she got to this breaking point (along with how she eventually escapes it/him).

It is worth the trial period, at least. I’d recommend watching Rutherford Falls as well as Girls5eva!

Hewson is definitely the best part and Green keeps her performance quite fun but...I think that’s about it.