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There’s a huge difference between the guy you think playfully pantsed a priest to cheer you up and the guy who loses all your money then lies about it, gets you fired for your job, makes you beg for the car keys, and calls the police on you, that will never allow you to get your own way to have your needs and desires Read more

I still haven’t seen how he’s earned the description Allison paints him as, enough to the point of murder.
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I agree that I don’t want to see Patty and Allison having a romantic relationship. As the reviewer said, they both need a friend more than anything else; and I worry that romance might undermine the Bechdel-test-in-a-sitcom work that it’s doing. Read more

Patty putting on fake eyelashes while smoking a cigarette and with towel wrapped around her head, as well as sipping on vodka sodas while playing darts at a bar is absolutely a vibe. Mary Hollis Inboden is a natural. - Read more

When it’s bad even for a reality dating show, you know it’s bad.

I discovered Ted Lasso at the absolutely perfect time. At the end of January of this year my mom died suddenly of a heart attack. Like extremely suddenly, with no warning signs at all. My parents live in the same town as me, and a few years ago my brother and his wife moved back to town. So all of us were close to Read more

This show was made strictly for the memes and judging by the screencaps it will be a success.

Yeah, this review just confirms two of the things I was hoping for: Delaney’s commentary being self-aware, and great prosthetics. Only thing that would make it better would be if it were 2010 and I’m drunk-watching The Soup and McHale’s set aside 5 minutes to talk about it.

Sexy tragedy.” — Saloni Gajjar, The A.V. Club

Very excited to hear that Sam gets more to do in Season 2. He’s such a delight, as is Dani Rojas (Dani Rojas!). And I’m also glad that they’re focusing more on Ted’s mental health this season. I really liked how they showed that even the happy-go-lucky people are struggling with shit, which is why it’s important to be Read more

“This is out of a horror movie. It feels like ants are reaching through the chair to squeeze my neck.” Okay, I’m a Patty stan, but on this we’ll just agree to disagree. Read more

this was the episode that took it from ‘interesting, i’ll keep watching i guess’ to ‘oh i like this show and i think it’s good’.

I get that. Last year, all of these hit dramas and docuseries were coming out, and I just...couldn’t. I couldn’t deal with them. I can’t even listen to True Crime podcasts anymore. I don’t want to wallow in darkness anymore. 

I remember watching the first couple of episodes and thinking “Bill Lawrence... okay, ‘Scrubs’ meets ‘Major League’ on the pitch.” Not necessarily a good thing, I found “Scrubs” okay, not worth the hype. Read more

whenever I read a review here about some ultra-serious documentary about a genocide or global warming I say, “I can’t deal with this shit; we were just in a pandemic all last year and appear to be heading back towards one this year; WHERE is the mindless happy escapist stuff?” Looks like I have found it! Read more

“the show doesn’t address the dissonance of a career-driven, independent woman like Nalini, who wants her daughter to get into an Ivy League school, pressuring Kamala to get married” Read more

Excited for another season of this show. It sounds like it will have kind of a lot going on, but hopefully it can balance it. The cast are amazing. Totally agree about Poorna Jagannathan being the MVP as Nalini. I was looking forward to her potential romance plot, sorry to hear that might not be the best. But just Read more

It’s a comedy because that same character’s paralysis got cured by Dee Snyder.