Sam Barsanti
1/14/21 12:52PM

I’m not saying if any of that is relevant to WandaVision, but it is a good primer on some ridiculous nonsense.

6/05/20 12:26PM

While I’m here this week: Is anyone playing Apex Legends on Xbone? I’m always looking for teammates who aren’t A.) terrible and B.) annoying. Warning: I generally playing in the morning and without a mic. Hit me up if you’re cool: MrLightningB01t.

3/09/20 5:47PM

Nice catch. That was just to make sure people weren’t just skimming past the numbers... Yeah, that’s right...

4/16/18 4:25PM

If only someone had told Andie MacDowell I was interviewing a McElroy brother, she could’ve picked that as her 12th question.

3/07/18 9:32PM

My understanding is that everything that doesn’t have the Solid name is technically not canon, so a MGS6 could’ve hypothetically overwritten anything in Rising if it wanted to (kinda like old Star Wars EU stuff being contradicted by the prequels), but that’s really all irrelevant with Kojima gone.

8/29/17 7:34PM

Let me know when Hellboy 3 starts breaking YouTube records, and maybe I’ll go back to making jokes about it!