Tatiana Tenreyro
Staff Writer
5/21/21 10:26PM

I mean, that’s an oversimplification of the album. The lyrics are solid, and I’d say they’re more than just “mopey teenager”, if you actually listen to them. As someone who’s very much *not* a teenage girl, I still found the lyrics very relatable, and well-written. Saying she needs to “grow as a songwriter” doesn’t Read more

5/19/21 1:53PM

People tend to write Latinx in things as gender neutral just cover everyone officially. It’s kinda just been decided as a catch all, I think it’s cool to be inclusive and take that into consideration like using “their” instead of him or her for nonbinary people. You and people you know may not like it so don't use it. Read more

5/03/21 4:35PM

Thanks for this in-depth article. Really enjoying the show. Wish we got to see more of the band these last 3 episodes—hopefully more to come.

4/28/21 2:04PM

Say what you want about the sequels, but I remember walking out of the The Last Jedi and hearing some 30ish guy behind me whine, “Whatever, the prequels were much better.”

I know that’s your opinion, but your opinion is just wrong. The prequels are not better than anything. I literally cannot sit through “Revenge of Read more

4/23/21 8:18AM

Aya Cash is severely underrated even with the praise she is finally starting to get. Quite frankly all the cast from You’re the Worst are criminally underappreciated but her portrayal of depression/mental health issues as well as Desmin Borges’ portrayal of PTSD are fucking brilliant.

4/19/21 12:33AM

The A.V. Club is covering the show, and you’re mad that they’re posting info about who actually performed the songs that can be heard in the show — the show that, again, they’re covering? But hey, a review of the first episode is up now, so that falls into your “fucking ANYTHING else” category.

4/14/21 10:09AM

I always have that same reaction. I know that Aeroplane is a great album because I know it well and I love it, but it also led me to buy this record not long after. Whenever I listen to Aeroplane (more rare in recent years), I’m in for the whole thing - it feels like appointment listening - I absorb it and put it Read more

4/14/21 8:50AM

Thanks for writing this. I remember when I finally listened to On Avery Island and thought “hell this is just as great as Aeroplane!” I haven’t listened to either in a long time and with this prompt I’ll be bothering my coworkers with it all day.

4/12/21 11:50AM

As someone who lives in Spain, so many Spanish shows are just so bad - including the “prestige” ones like Cable Girls - but this one is surprisingly engaging. Yes, it’s a soap opera, and yes it’s mainly just good-looking people fighting and fucking, but the acting isn’t cringeworthy (how rare that is) and the twists, Read more

4/09/21 3:53PM

The amount of people here trying to have totally serious opinions on the guitar smashing all the while trying to justify why they felt offended by it absolutely baffles me.

4/06/21 11:12AM

Thank you for addressing the “will he finish the 50 states project?!” elephant in the room promptly and clearly.

4/02/21 7:49AM

This is much better than “Drivers License”. Good for her, she seems like a really talented and sincere artist.

3/26/21 5:07PM

I’ll never be able to forgive any of the cast for that NYT interview. Absolutely shocking how they acted

3/25/21 10:23AM

My 14 year-old daughter loves this movie. I watched it with her & she’s subsequently watched it with all her friends. She’s going to hit the ceiling when I tell her about this.

3/24/21 12:55PM

I’m a Slack admin for our company so guess what option won’t be enabled...

3/18/21 4:17PM

I wish I could sue him for all those precious minutes of my life that I wasted on acknowledging his existence that I’m never getting back.

3/18/21 3:12PM

I know she was young when those tweets happened, but in light of recent events I think this was the appropriate response by the magazine itself.