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Is Your Story Making You Sick?

1h 33m



Frances Causey



Humans are story-telling creatures. By thinking, we all unconsciously "author" a self-story in our heads. Most often, the characters and plot of our story is framed by negative experiences from childhood. These painful "stories" then determine our emotions, leading to unhealthy stress, and changes in body chemistry. This is how a person's self-story can turn into a stress-related illness. Is Your Story Making You Sick?, is a breakthrough documentary film featuring eight courageous people from all walks of life who suffered from a variety of stress-related illnesses. In four, 4-day workshops over 6-months, these people resolutely challenged their old thinking patterns and began to view themselves and their circumstances differently. Through a variety of leading-edge non-pharmacological healing practices and meaningful and oftentimes arduous work with each other, they changed their perspectives, their stories, and thus their lives. Audiences cannot watch this film without pondering the possibility of their own transformation.