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Pretty Brown Eyes

1h 47m


Ashley Sam Ramsey (Sage Taylor)Leo Breckenridge (Jordan Lyles)DeShaude Barner (Keith Lyles)Alexandra Dugger (Corrine Lyles)Gray Hannah Simone (Ashley Taylor)Brown Angel S. (Camille Taylor)Patrick Michael Strange (Torrian Grant)Paul Sieber (Gary Taylor)Andrew D'Costa (Rich Garcia)Travis Dugas (Josh Llyod)Robin Ramsey (Adult Sage)Johnson April R. (Parker Lyles)Brenda Gray (Mrs. Lyles)Channing B. Nash (Dr. Fischer)Beth Goldberg (Bianca Taylor)Fred Ramsey (Adult Jordan)Timothy S. Roberts (Karey)Kaycee Campbell (Detective Stephens)


Derek Lewis Gray



Pretty Brown Eyes ties the lives of two strangers together at a time they don't realize they need one another. Jordan Lyles gets in a terrible accident--one he should have never survived to talk about. The only reason he made it through his ordeal was because of a woman who saved him at the scene of his accident. Convinced this woman was sent to him by God he begins on a mission to find her. When Jordan begins his physical therapy he meets Sage Taylor. Jaded by her own run-ins with the opposite sex and unresolved issues with her father, Sage has a hard time believing that true love or God exist. Certain that Sage was the same woman who saved him and his soul mate promised to him by God, Jordan has a hefty decision to make. Should he pursue her, or let her be? These two characters are put together by fate on a journey much deeper than they both expected.