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Former model Natasha Prince accuses David Blaine of rape

(Photo: Getty Images for Liberty Science Center, Dave Kotinsky)

As reported by The Daily Beast, a former model named Natasha Prince has accused magician David Blaine of raping her in London in 2004, and Scotland Yard has reportedly asked him to come to the U.K. to be interviewed. Prince is now an art dealer living in Manhattan, and she says she met Blaine while working in London in the summer of 2004 just after her 21st birthday. He had recently pulled off a stunt that involved being suspended in a box over the Thames for 44 days with nothing but some water, and he was apparently a big star in London at the time because of it. Prince says she met him at a nightclub where he was at a private table with a number of other people, and he was allegedly giving her “a lot of attention.”

She says she didn’t think anything of it because she enjoyed meeting people and had to work the next day, so she left when he went to talk to someone else. Later, he allegedly sent her a text inviting her to his friend’s place for drinks, and when she initially turned him down, he offered to send a car to pick her up. She agreed to meet up with him that time, arriving at a big mansion that looked “like an embassy,” and she says Blaine greeted her at a small living room a few stories up.

After 20 minutes of “superficial conversation,” Prince claims Blaine said he wanted to show her something in another room, and assuming it would be a nice view or something, she followed him. At that point, he allegedly asked her to kiss him and then told her to finish her drink, and she says that’s the last thing she remembers clearly. He allegedly raped her at that point, with Prince saying she felt “limp” and “floaty” like she was “in and out of a deep sleep.” When she woke up, Prince says she was naked and he was sitting at the end of the bed “folding clothes.” She doesn’t remember leaving or showering, just that she eventually showed up at her modeling gig the next morning with vague memories of possibly having sex with Blaine even though she hadn’t wanted to.

From there, Prince says her attitude changed. She no longer enjoyed meeting people and had become “extremely self-conscious,” often resorting to drinking to dull her anxiety. She says Blaine called her a few times, allegedly sounding “very creepy” in a way that made her feel “bulled.” Then, just a few years later, she abruptly quit modeling and abandoned her career because she no longer felt comfortable traveling and going to meetings. The whole time, she believed that the alleged rape was her fault because she had been drinking and had been interested in Blaine, but last year she flew to London and filed a report with the police. There is no statute of limitations on sex crimes in Britain, but Prince doesn’t want to send Blaine to jail. “That’s in the hands of the law,” she says. “I want him to know that I’m not stupid, and I know what happened.”

In a statement from his attorney, Blaine said that he “vehemently denies that he raped or sexually assaulted any woman, ever, and he specifically denies raping a woman in 2004.” A later statement specifically denied raping Natasha Prince as well, and Blaine says he will “fully cooperate” with the police.

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