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Man’s man Roy Moore just picked a fight with Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter

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Roy Moore is a bigoted, homophobic birther who’s been twice-fired from being Chief Justice Of The Alabama Supreme Court and is now accused of being a serial pedophile by eight different women. He’s also, in the most sterile and cold-blooded sense, a Christian, which is what’s allowed him to keep the coveted evangelical vote that will very likely shepherd him to an unholy victory in the U.S. Senate election on December 12.

Last night he celebrated with those very evangelicals at a campaign rally in Theodore, Alabama, where he stood at the pulpit of the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church and claimed the gosh-darned lesbians made up all those allegations against him. But not everyone was on his side. One protestor interrupted Moore, claiming “the entire town” knows the allegations to be true. “Are all the girls lying?” the man asked.


He was escorted out, but he wasn’t the only one. A few minutes later, another man was removed, this time for being too loud in his support of Moore. “He’s a man’s man!” he repeatedly yelled. “Does that look like the face of a molester?” On his shirt was a photo of Moore with the caption, “Gimme Moore.”

Turns out the supporter was actually Jake Byrd, a character comedian Tony Barbieri often plays on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. It appears he was there in an official capacity with the show, as Kimmel himself shared an article about the incident, which found Barbieri crashing the rally and interrupting interviews in the parking lot. See him up getting up to no good in the below clip.

Moore was none too pleased when he discovered Kimmel was behind the ruse—one can assume the Alabaman isn’t too fond of the late night sect, after all—and issued what appears to be a challenge to the host on Twitter.


Them’s fighting words! But considering the only “Christian values” Moore seems to care about are guns, abortion, and silencing women, Kimmel’s response was on point.


Check those ratios. This fight’s already over.


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