The A.V. Club's guide to the best of the 2010s

The A.V. Club's guide to the best of the 2010s

From the cultural juggernauts to the cultishly adored favorites, we're looking back at the best pop culture of the decade. Catch up on our 2010s retrospective below.

The 100 best TV shows of the 2010s

Trying to define television in the 2010s has proven just as great a task as keeping up with the surge in series, which crested in 2018 with 495 scripted shows.

The TV MVPs of the 2010s

Even in the cluttered landscape of the 2010s, some talents shone brighter—or at least more consistently—than others. Here are the actors, directors, producer, and composer who made the most of it.

Our actor of the decade Carrie Coon tells all about The Leftovers, David Fincher, and more

When we started discussing names here at The A.V. Club for our favorite actors of the decade, one immediately jumped to mind: Carrie Coon.

The 100 best movies of the 2010s

A truly comprehensive list would go well beyond 100, though even then, we’d probably still miss a few of your favorites.

What movies should’ve made our best of the 2010s list?

We think our "best of the 2010s" list pretty good, but we’re not naïve enough to think that it would satisfy everyone.

In the 2010s, rom-coms went indie and saved themselves in the process

The genre needed a reset and it got it by evolving.

How Fury Road became the movie of the decade

On paper, Mad Max: Fury Road is not what you’d call a traditional pick for film of the decade.

The 50 best albums of the 2010s

Among these albums we all agree on are unforgettable challenges to and elevations of the traditional LP form, ones that both define the decade behind us and point toward what’s next.

The 2010s were the decade of the single

In the 2010s, songs were associated with memes or movements more than albums or artists.

The most important games of the 2010s

Rather than offering up a ranked list, we’ve gone with a more holistic approach to our end-of-decade content, focusing on one game every year that represents a major trend in the medium, or which was simply significant enough to be deemed important in its own right.

The 25 best comics of the 2010s

Our Eisner Award-winning team has assembled a list, in no particular order, of the 25 best comics of the decade, exploring the full scope of this ever-evolving medium.

Author Top 10

As part of The A.V. Club’s best of the 2010s coverage, we asked some of our favorite authors to share their 10 favorite books of the decade.

Leslie Jamison’s 10 favorite books of the decade

Jamison has managed to fit what could be an entire lifetime’s worth of writing into the past 10 years.

Patty Yumi Cottrell’s 10 favorite books of the decade

Cottrell’s novel, Sorry To Disrupt The Peace, published by McSweeney’s in 2017, was one of our favorite books of the decade.

Bryan Washington’s 10 favorite books of the decade

Washington’s debut, Lot, a collection of linked short stories set in Houston, traces the coming of age of a young gay man, the son of a Black mother and Latino father.

Rion Amilcar Scott’s 10 favorite books of the decade

Scott first visited Cross River, Maryland, in 2016; he set his PEN/Bingham Prize-winning debut short story collection, Insurrections, in the fictional town, founded in the early 1800s after the country’s only successful slave rebellion.

Jenny Offill’s 10 favorite books of the decade

Concluding the Author Top 10 series is novelist and children’s book author Jenny Offill, whose novel Last Things was a finalist for the 1999 L.A. Times First Book Award.

The A.V. Club's best, worst, and weirdest internet of the 2010s

To celebrate the good in what’s often a bad place, we combed through our timelines, our camera rolls, and our Twitter likes in search of 100 extremely online things that brought us joy, bafflement, and everything in between this decade.

This just in: How the decade’s biggest news was captured in the most memorable art

Here’s how pop culture rendered entertainment from the decade’s biggest news.

The podcasts that defined the 2010s

Here are the podcasts that we believe defined each year of the 2010s.

In 10 For The ’10s, The A.V. Club looks back at the decade that was: 10 essays about the media that defined the 2010s, one for every year from 2010 to 2019.