Season Five

Season Five

Recaps (newbies)

Game Of Thrones recaps written for those who have not read the books the show is based on.

Recaps (experts)

Game Of Thrones recaps written for those who have read the first five books in the book series.

The election of Lord Commander Snow

"The surprise of Jon’s subsequent election to Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch isn’t so much that he wins, but that he gets nominated in the first place."

The Night King raises the dead, creates a meme

"It’s the most indelible image from an uncharacteristically hectic battle, a moment of quiet defiance after 20 minutes of snarling, gnashing, and screaming."

Daenerys rides Drogon to safety

"Dany had already demonstrated some control over her dragons, but there’s still plenty of suspense in watching her stare down a roaring Drogon before climbing on his back."

Cersei’s walk of shame, shame, shame

"There have been plenty of distressing moments on Game Of Thrones, but Cersei’s long, harrowing walk from the Sept Of Baelor to the Red Keep is especially difficult to watch."

Why Sansa Stark deserves the throne

"Sansa’s greatest skill has been her ability to sit and stare, sharing feast after feast with monsters while presumably finding small solace in midnight lemon cakes."