Season One

Season One

Recaps (newbies)

Game Of Thrones recaps written for those who have not read the books the show is based on.

Recaps (experts)

Game Of Thrones recaps written for those who have read at least the first book in the book series.

The Night’s Watch encounters a White Walker

"The encounter with the White Walker, and that heart-pounding sequence beyond The Wall, will weigh heavier than any of “Winter Is Coming”’s power-consolidating betrothals or incestuous intimacy."

A new location is added to the main titles.

"Like the map helpfully nestled between a fantasy volume’s front cover and its table of contents, Game Of Thrones’ main titles situate the show’s action in something approaching real-world geography"

“When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.”

"Ned confronts Cersei about her relationship with Jamie and her children’s true father, while Cersei tells Ned he should have taken the Iron Throne for himself."

The execution of Ned Stark

"As Arya Stark watches, her father is executed—against the wishes of just about everyone, including his enemies, thanks to the hot-headed impetuousness of Joffrey."

Daenerys Targaryen “gives birth” to her dragon babies

"After establishing that no one is safe by slicing off Ned Stark’s head with a single stroke of the executioner’s broadsword, Game Of Thrones changed the rules once again by reintroducing creatures previously thought to be extinct to the A Song Of Ice And Fire universe."

“Well actually, in the books…” 15 differences from text to TV in Game Of Thrones

Consider it a primer if you haven’t read the books—or shameless pedantry, if you have.

When spoilers help: The Game Of Thrones defense

"To say that knowing what’s going to happen on Game Of Thrones devalues the show is to say that no one who’s read Martin’s books could enjoy watching it."

Meet Game Of Thrones’ resident linguist. Ki fin yeni!

David J. Peterson won an online contest and ended up with one of the strangest jobs in Hollywood: language creator for the stars. Peterson is a linguist, but his lifelong hobby is language creation