Season Seven

Season Seven

Recaps (newbies)

Game Of Thrones recaps written for those who have not read the books the show is based on.

Recaps (experts)

Game Of Thrones recaps written for those who have read the first five books in the book series.

Lady Olenna reveals to Jaime (and Cersei) that she killed his punkass son

"After warning Jaime that Cersei is a “disease,” one that’s beyond his control or heeding his advice, Lady Olenna drops a bombshell"

The battle beyond the Wall

"Holy shit, it’s a motherfucking ice dragon."

Lord Petyr Baelish, a.k.a. Littlefinger, Lord Protector of the Vale and a real sneaky bastard, finally gets what’s coming to him

"No longer a frightened victim, a lost little girl, and a crippled boy, by sentencing Littlefinger to death for his crimes and executing him on the spot, the Stark siblings send a clear message: A new, female-led generation has risen to power in the North, and they are not fucking around."

This season of Game Of Thrones was illogical, dumb, and fun as hell

"Game Of Thrones’ seventh season was a ramshackle, occasionally dumb, frequently fan-servicing, kinda shallow mess, and I enjoyed it all very much."

Hound of love: How Sandor Clegane turned into the surprise heart of Game Of Thrones

"It was the Arya And Hound Adventure Hour that really established Sandor Clegane as a man on a journey of redemption."

Wights, Lightbringer, and the prince who was promised might all lead to a tragic conclusion for Game Of Thrones

"The season finale might have pointed to a far more interesting—and far more devastating—conclusion to this story, one that will require a legendary sacrifice to kill the Night King."