Horrors Week 2019

Horrors Week 2019

The A.V. Club’s Halloween streaming guide III

Even if you watch horror movies year ’round, there’s something extra special about watching them during Halloween.

Screen at your own risk: 11 dubiously lethal movies

Scoff if you must, but viewer beware: Just because the following films haven’t claimed a life doesn’t mean that yours won’t be the first.

The Lighthouse is a potent reminder that birds are terrifying

From The Birds to The Witch, filmmakers have used birds as ominous omens.

Step aside, Death Bed, because now there’s a Killer Sofa to reckon with

This movie shoves a comically unnecessary amount of plot and backstory into a film about a sentient recliner.

Celebrate Halloween with Warm Bodies, the film that tried to make zom-rom-coms a thing

The 2013 film aims to be scary, funny, and romantic all at once, but it bites off more than it can chew.

24 hours of horror with makeup legend Tom Savini

Name a significant event in horror history over the past half century, and odds are Tom Savini was there.

Enjoy the actual most wonderful time of the year with our Halloween kids’ guide

Curl up with these Halloween classics before you have to pile on the long underwear and ladle debt onto your AmEx account.

Horror movies don’t scare me anymore, so I read ghost stories on Reddit

“If your post is filled with misspellings and vague, unformed descriptions, I’m rapt.”

What song are you adding to our Halloween party playlist?

Help us craft the ultimate Halloween party playlist.

These Memphis rap tapes aren’t actually haunted, but they are awesome

Conspiracy theories and occult rumors aside, there is something about Memphis rap that will make your hair stand on end.

The acoustics of axe murder, and other insights from 2 horror sound experts

In horror, the sound design can be more manipulative than in any other genre.

Five years of Five Nights At Freddy’s

One man parlayed our disquiet over animatronics into one of the most successful independent games franchises of the last five years.