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Screenshot: UnwatedCommercials (YouTube)

$30 for an old hot tub seems like a real bargain—even if it’s been sitting out in someone’s yard for an unspecified number of years with seven inches of water curdling in the summer heat under a cover that hasn’t been removed since the owner’s second wife left. Or, you know, whatever the situation might be. In any case, it seems unlikely that anyone would require help selling a $30 hot tub on Craigslist, which makes this commercial all the more genius:

The ad comes from the folks at UnwantedCommercials, who note that they tried to contact the person selling the hot tub in Andover, Michigan, but were unable to reach them to respond to this majestic work of advertisement art. As the commercial points out, there are many things a slacker such as yourself—living in a basement and consuming various combinations of weed and pudding—could do with an old $30 hot tub. If the thing doesn’t work, it could make for a useful storage container for Home Alone DVDs or a large serving trough for macaroni and cheese. Even (an animated approximation of) God gives his seal of approval to this hot tub situation. Your move, Andover. 

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