A “tragi-comic” memoir from comedian Adam Cayton-Holland is mostly tragedy

Although Adam Cayton-Holland’s first book is subtitled “A Tragi-Comic Memoir,” fans of his comedy and/or his TV show should expect little, if any, of the “comic” part. “A tragic memoir” doesn’t sound as zippy, but it better reflects the devastating story within Tragedy + Time: the suicide of Cayton-Holland’s younger…

Parker Posey’s offbeat You’re On An Airplane is the rare celebrity memoir worth reading

Early in the actor’s career, Parker Posey once spazzed out so much during an audition that the casting director asked her agent if she was on drugs. “I wasn’t,” Posey recounts in her memoir, “but just had a lot of energy and was excited to be there.” As it was in person, so it goes on the page. In You’re On An Airplane