Jim Carrey embraces his creepy Mr. Rogers side in the first trailer for Showtime's Kidding

Even before his most recent, high-profile bouts with murder thrillers, political nudes, and publicly fucking with people, there’s always been an edge of madness to a good Jim Carrey performance. That’s something that Kidding, his new Showtime series with Eternal Sunshine collaborator Michel Gondry, seems to be banking…

Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges, and Jon Hamm welcome you to the Bad Times At The El Royale trailer

There’s no shortage of movies set in hotels. From 1932's Grand Hotel all the way up to this week’s Hotel Artemis, the setting has been a ripe source for drama, comedy, violence, and everything in between. Bad Times At The El Royale looks to provide with you all of the above, and then a little more for good measure.