Here’s how you’re damaging your ears—and what you can do to protect them

One of the central storylines of A Star Is Born is Jackson Maine’s (Bradley Cooper) struggle with hearing loss and tinnitus, made worse by the fact that he’s a musician who performs live concerts and exposes himself to loud sounds on a daily basis. While most of us aren’t famous musicians playing shows every night,…

Jim Cummings tells us what it's like being the voice of Winnie The Pooh for 30 years

Jim Cummings has had a pretty stellar voice acting career, lending his dulcet tones to beloved shows like Animaniacs, Spider-Man, Darkwing Duck. But his most iconic role by far is the honey-loving teddy bear Winnie The Pooh, which he’s been voicing since 1988. We recently sat down with the long-time voice star to talk…

Pat Bertoletti walks us through the predictably gross world of competitive eating 

The world of competitive eating is bizarre, fascinating, and often gross. Helping us make sense of the madness is ex-competitive eater and former wing-eating champion of the world Patrick Bertoletti. In the video above, he walks us through the preparation and horrifying aftermath of a standard eating competition.

Dee Bradley Baker on how he came up with Olmec’s voice on Legends Of The Hidden Temple

On Nickelodeon’s Legends Of The Hidden Temple, kids completed obstacle courses and answered trivia questions to uncover the secrets behind “hidden temples” guarded by an Olmec, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who has lent his voice to Spider-Man villains, flying bisons and winged lemurs, and the Tazmanian Devil in Space

We asked The Carter Effect director: How does he know when a story warrants a documentary?

Filmmaker Sean Menard has spent most of his career directing and producing documentaries, including Uninterrupted’s The Carter Effect. Executive-produced by Drake, the documentary explores the impact NBA All-Star Vince Carter had on the Canadian basketball scene when he signed with the Toronto Raptors in 1998. We…