Wizard Video only released two games for the 2600, both based on horror films: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a laughably

Monster Bash

Remember Monchhichis, those weird little thumb-sucking monkey dolls that were huge in the early '80s? Well, in Monster B


Once again, Earth faces certain annihilation, this time from an unnamed alien enemy who's wrapped the planet in a

Thin Ice

The history of console gaming is filled with stories of marketing departments screwing up programmers' brilliant ideas.

Yie Ar Kung Fu

You are Oolong, a kung-fu fighter out to avenge whatever the damn kung-fu fighters are avenging these days. You do so

Quick Step

Populous and Black & White let players experience life as a god, while The Sims lets them live in alternate realities


In 1980, space-themed games were as easy to find as a Christopher Cross 8-track, but maze games were growing in


Gremlins was one of the most heavily merchandised films of the '80s, and since Warner Brothers released the movie and

Space Cruiser

The year is 2100, and you're the captain of a space cruiser, which is insightfully named Space Cruiser. Your mission is

Space Fury

Though character-oriented games like Mappy and Pac-Man were always popular and heavily merchandised, some of the most


During the Golden Age of arcade games, kids could walk into virtually any business, confident that there'd be at least

Astro Blaster

Less than three years after Space Invaders and Galaxian popularized the two-dimensional space shooter, Astro Blaster

Cosmic Commuter

It's the year 2075, and you're an Astrobus driver for the Galactic Travel Agency. Impatient commuters are waiting to be

Super Glob

In 1983, the console video-game market crashed into a landfill in the American southwest. Arcades were a different


Your caddy isn't especially good (you'll only get the total yardage of the hole, and you'll never know how far you are


As far as supervillains go, Green Goblin is kind of a dick. His big aspiration isn't world domination or fabulous

Night Stalker

Intellivision's catalogue description of Night Stalker begins, "You're on the run. Your attackers are relentless

Congo Bongo

A hunter is peacefully sleeping in his tent when that impish Bongo shows up and sets him on fire. Oh Bongo, you


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