Luke Cage needs to rely on its more interesting characters instead of the well-trod plot


Even a mediocre episode of Luke Cage feels like a really good episode of any police procedural. It makes sense that the most satisfying moments to be had here involve watching Simone Missick as a solving crime and kicking ass. She’s consistently one of the strongest players on Luke Cage but it still often feels like…

"The politics of the ’60s are right in your face": Cheo Hodari Coker on Luke Cage's revolutionary acts

When Marvel’s Luke Cage premiered in 2016, it was met with much excitement and hope, in part because Mike Colter had made a hell of a first impression in season one of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. But as the Black Lives Matter movement grew, a black superhero, one who’s bulletproof, resonated for reasons beyond the page…

A tremendous emotional scene sets high expectations for the rest of Luke Cage’s second season


There’s a lot written on “Netflix’s Strategy” to get viewers hooked. Pacing the season out to have the most impact on the viewer and carefully placing huge moments to get the viewers hooked to finish the season. Netflix also has a tendency for their series to feel aimless in the middle of the season, and season one of

Here’s everything you should remember before watching season 2 of Luke Cage

The hero of Harlem, Luke Cage, returns to Netflix June 22 with its second season. The last we saw Cage, he was punching his way through the criminal syndicate The Hand as part of Marvel’s 2017 team-up miniseries The Defenders, but his first solo outing premiered almost two years ago. So before you head back to Harlem,…