Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Nov 10 2010
November 2010

Leonard Pierce, The A.V. Club’s resident metal maniac, started writing this month’s column on Halloween night with

Oct 13 2010
October 2010

It’s October, and a lesser metal column would make jokes about skeletons and zombies and the witching hour. But here

Sep 8 2010
September 2010

Even though it caters to angry shut-ins whose taste in home décor tends heavily to the animal-bone-intensive, metal

Aug 11 2010
August 2010

While his A.V. Club colleagues have been enjoying the exciting world of outdoor music festivals, Leonard Pierce has

Jul 14 2010
July 2010

It’s turning out to be the hottest month on record, but that doesn’t bother metal fans: We already live in hell.

Jun 9 2010
June 2010

Maybe April is the cruelest month, but recent events have proved that May can be a real bitch as well. As the summer

May 12 2010
May 2010

May, in the tradition of the times, is the month to hit the road. And Metal Box is no exception; while we’ll still

Apr 14 2010
April 2010

Spring is here, and everywhere you go, young lovers are enjoying the sunshine, the beauty of the natural world, and

Mar 10 2010
March 2010

One day out of each month, music writer/A.V. Club regular Leonard Pierce sits down with a cup of Earl Grey, cues up

Feb 10 2010
February 10, 2010

Every month, The A.V. Club feels a brief tinge of regret for having spent all that time writing elegant,

Jan 13 2010
January 2010

Every month, The A.V. Club sorts through its growing pile of ill-sounding Satanic noise and shoves it under a table

Oct 14 2009
October 14, 2009

Every month, The A.V. Club lets its hair down and drops its well-cultivated hipster douchebag image, giving its

Sep 9 2009
September 2009

Every month, The A.V. Club gathers together all the CDs with black covers, Lucida Blackletter fonts, and art that

Aug 12 2009
August 2009

Every month, The A.V. Club puts its love of well-crafted, folksy guitar pop on temporary hold and lets all the

Jul 7 2009
July 2009

Each month, The A.V. Club takes a break from its usual routine of reviewing records by sensitive guys with scruffy

Jun 10 2009
June 2009

Last year, in my role as a regular columnist for Metal Edge magazine, I wrote a piece criticizing a number of music