It’s Terrible, Awful Rumor Time: Paul and Mary might also be leaving The Great British Bake Off

It’s been a rough week for fans of The Great British Bake Offthe last bastion of decency in competition television—with news coming that pun-loving hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc would be departing the show when it moves from the BBC to Channel 4 next season. Now, that soggy bottom has gotten soggier still, with

It’s Rumor Time: Daniel Craig’s weighing a $150 million offer for two more Bond films

It’s well known around these parts that Daniel Craig isn’t exactly keen on doing another Bond film, which is is to say that he has hardly the fucks to give anymore. After making four Bond movies, the actor can barely rouse the necessary fuck-giving to chime in on the great debate of who should succeed him in the role,…

It’s Rumor Time: Marvel might be working on a New Warriors show starring Squirrel Girl

TV Line is reporting that Marvel and ABC Studios have started work on The New Warriors, a half-hour superhero comedy series that they’re reportedly shopping around to cable and streaming networks. The most notable thing about the project, though, is the rumor that the show would prominently feature a character who’s…

It’s Rumor Time: Dwayne Johnson might play the Wolf Man in Universal’s monster mash

No one keeps track of their wheelings and dealings quite like Dwayne Johnson, who’s become a one-man studio. Not only does he promote projects when he signs on to them, but he also treats his Instagram account as a trade publication like Deadline, trumpeting the cast additions to said projects before going on to “

It’s Rumor Time: Don’t get too excited for Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Pinhead Vs. Danny Trejo

Today in “movie premises that sound too much like comics drawn by a 15-year-old to be true”: A number of horror sites—as well as British music site NME—are reporting on a new horror movie, Death House, with the headline-friendly tagline of “The Expendables of horror.” Purportedly based on an original idea by Gunnar…