The Rapture, Ladytron, and The Streets had the true hits of 2002

1. Nickelback, “How You Remind Me”
2. Ashanti, “Foolish”
3. Nelly, “Hot In Herre”
4. Nelly (feat. Kelly Rowland), “Dilemma”
5. The Calling, “Wherever You Will Go”
6. Vanessa Carlton, “A Thousand Miles”
7. Linkin Park, “In The End”
8. Fat Joe (feat. Ashanti), “What’s Luv?”
9. Usher, “U Got It Bad”
10. Puddle Of Mudd, “Blurry”

Losing their edge, again: The year of indie rock’s inevitable midlife crisis

Back in February, Dirty Projectors’ David Longstreth took to his Instagram to pose an existential question: “Is it me or is the condition of indie rock in the 24½th century both bad and boujee?” “Bad,” he meant, in the sense that it was now largely a “musically underwhelming” Xerox of groups that came before. “Boujee”…

Which musical act have you seen live more than any other?

Last month, we asked you which artist you wished you could’ve seen live. This month, we have essentially the opposite question, posed by A.V. Club Copy Editor Kelsey J. Waite:

Spoon, Real Estate, and Sorority Noise in this week’s music reviews

Explaining Spoon’s rise to fame is easy if you break down its songwriting. On first listen—or the 10th, really—its material sounds simplistic because it’s exactly that. Learning Spoon songs isn’t difficult, but replicating Spoon songs is hard. The subtleties and delivery, like Britt Daniel’s hoarse scratch on the tail…

Here’s what’s coming to record stores and streaming services in March

Every Friday, dozens of new records are released into the wild. Some make big splashes, and others sink almost immediately. For most music consumers, it’s almost too much information, and save for those precious few who spend their hours glued to review sites and release calendars, it’s hard to know what’s coming out

From St. Vincent’s latest to Drake’s playlist: Our most anticipated albums of 2017

While it’d be nice if music releases fit nicely into a year-by-year narrative, the end of 2016 proved that wasn’t the case. Even after we published our feature highlighting some of the best music of 2016, there was still more to be released for the year. In those last couple weeks before 2017 was rung in, we saw new…

The best rock bands of the ’00s, from Arcade Fire to Zwan

Though we’re only halfway through the ’10s, the ’00s can occasionally seem like a long time ago. (Remember when barely anyone had cell phones? Jesus.) Still, five years is enough time to get some critical distance from a decade, and so 2015 seems like the perfect time to produce this, The A.V. Club’s A.V. To Z list of…

16 songs that sound as much (or more) alike than Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” (Part 1 of 2)

There’s no doubt that Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” bears some resemblance to Tom Petty’s hit “I Won’t Back Down.” But the history of pop music is full of such similarities, and only some of those end up with songwriting settlements. This list—part one of two, with the other half publishing tomorrow—explores some songs…

The 20 best albums of 2014

Every year, The A.V. Club invites our regular music writers and staff to pick their favorite albums of the past 12 months. This year, we asked writers to pick their 15 favorite albums, with no. 1 earning 15 points, no. 2 earning 14, and so on. We tallied up the results to arrive at our final best-of list. (In the…