The sequel Prey At Night slashes The Strangers home-invasion premise into... art?

On a spooky, foggy night, homicidal sadists creep through the vacation-rental community of Gatlin Lake to an ironic soundtrack of ’80s pop (“Kids In America,” “Total Eclipse Of The Heart,” etc.): two women in doll masks and a man in a burlap bag with eyeholes. Their prey are a super-generic nuclear family of four:…

Wrinkles in time, iron giants, ready players: 28 movies coming this March 

So many movies, so little time. Every week brings a new crop of them, opening in multiplexes and arthouse theaters across the nation, and arriving in increasingly high volumes on streaming platforms like Netflix. How’s a voracious moviegoer to keep up? That’s where The A.V. Club comes in. The first week of every