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The 61 people and Oasis cover band who were snowed into a pub have now been freed

A large group of Tan Hill Inn patrons and staff were stuck inside the English pub for three days

The real Oasis, which would never find itself snowed into a pub
Photo: Mike Clarke (Getty Images)

Last Friday, dozens of people decided to head to the Tan Hill Inn—a rural pub located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in England—in order to make a terrible mistake. They had decided to head to a remote area to attend an Oasis cover band’s show.

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As if this horror movie premise wasn’t dreadful enough on its own, the Tan Hill was soon cut off from the outside world thanks to a snowstorm that left everyone trapped inside until yesterday evening.

Rolling Stone explains that Tan Hill’s exits were “largely blocked by piles of snow as high as three feet” and the storm made surrounding roads “hard to traverse.” As a result, a group of roughly 61 patrons and staff who had gathered to watch a cover band called Noasis were stuck inside until conditions improved. Though the (wonder)wall of snow made it difficult for most of the people to leave, “off-roaders were able to help some parents return to their children” and “a mountain rescue group” removed a man who required medical attention.


Everyone else stayed put, “sleeping on sofas and mattresses in the pub’s lounge” and watching movies, doing puzzles, quizzes, and singing karaoke or listening to acoustic songs played by Noasis, which was soon dubbed “Snowasis.” By last night, only two of the patrons, who were waiting for this morning to make the drive home, were left in the pub. Noasis left without any word that being cooped up together caused the group’s not-Liam and not-Noel to attack one another.

How the newly freed patrons will live out their reclaimed lives is anyone’s guess. We hope they appreciate the second chance they’ve been given and refuse to look back in anger on a situation that could have been much worse if everyone wasn’t so willing to just roll with it until given an opportunity to slide away.


The Tan Hill’s manager, for her part, says the experience wasn’t so bad, all things considered. The trapped people were apparently “considerate with each other,” “helped keep the Inn tidy,” and even “started a small collection fund for the staff.” This seems much like a pretty ideal outcome, though, we have to imagine the situation would have been further improved if everyone was trapped with a Blur cover band instead.

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