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Gus Mastrapa

Chapter five of the new downloadable game Amy will forever be discussed in muttered oaths and expletives. That’s

Football fans gripe that the annual changes to Madden NFL are tiny. But at least Madden comes out once a year. Mario

Comparing Call Of Duty with Battlefield is like comparing Fuji apples and Braeburn apples. The differences are

Final Fantasy’s sequels usually rewrite the world, characters, and gameplay from scratch. That makes White Knight

Dead Island feels like a frankengame cobbled together from scavenged parts. It’s an open-world, co-operative

Shadows Of The Damned ought to be called Resident Evil 4: Dead By Dawn. The new actioner from Suda 51 and Shinji

The statement is reductive, but true: Terraria is a two-dimensional Minecraft. The game plops you into a randomly

During the multi-year development of Spore, Will Wright promised the universe. And while the evolution sim’s

Portal was something of a revelation. The modest game cleverly melded the first-person shooter with spatial

The most important thing to know about the Nintendo 3DS is that it works. The handheld system displays games in

Bulletstorm is a colorful game. Most of those hues come from gushes of blood and blue bursts of profanity, both of