Amazon Warehouse Is Taking an Extra 20% Off Already Marked-Down Used Items

If you’re cool with buying lightly used products, it could pay off in a big way, literally. Amazon Warehouse has just launched its Black Friday deals, featuring thousands of used items going for 20% off their already deeply-discounted prices. The discounts are hitting a ton of different categories, from luggage, to

Michelle Wolf scared the White House Correspondents' Dinner away from comedy

Because the goblins of our current administration have skin thinner than a piece of wet tissue, The White House Correspondents’ Association has announced that, for the first time in more than three decades, they will not feature a comedian at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Instead, they’ve invited Ron…

The Bitchuation Room is your newest destination for righteous anger, political and otherwise

It doesn’t matter how many times the stories are debunked every year; over-protective parents insist on checking their children’s Halloween candy for razor blades, syringes, and the occasional cyanide pill. What is it about this urban legend that has made it so persistent? The newest episode of American Hysteria

Beer Of The Week: Drink this year’s Goose Island Bourbon County Stout right away

Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Company has been brewing Bourbon County Stout since 1995, and I’ve been drinking it since about 2010. Released each year on Black Friday, it’s a cult-status bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout whose nuanced flavors change from year to year. Beer dorks love to debate which vintages are the…

Weekend Box Office: Grindelwald's spells are strong, but J.K. Rowling's powers seem to be dimming 

Surprise: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald drew hordes of Hufflepuffs to the theater this past weekend, raking in $62.2 million domestically and $191 million from 79 overseas markets. That puts it at a worldwide launch of $253.2 million, which is impressive but not untouched by the film’s myriad

The bold and bloody My Sister, The Serial Killer asks: What does one owe family?


The premise alone of My Sister, The Serial Killer is bold. Ayoola, the title character, has developed the bad habit of killing her boyfriends; her older sister, Korede, a nurse with a flair for cleaning, helps Ayoola cover her tracks. Yet for all its bloody flash, what sustains the narrative is the grounding, rich,…

Alfonso Cuarón’Roma is a beautiful if incomplete tribute to the women who raise us


Throughout his multi-decade career, Alfonso Cuarón has proven himself a master of scale, both visual and thematic. The director is as adroit with intimate storytelling as he is with the epic, and can mix the personal with the political. His 2013 thriller Gravity demonstrates the beautiful albeit indifferent vastness…

Unconventional pop culture presents: The A.V. Club’s 2018 gift guide

For the past three decades, Leonard Koren has been quietly publishing elegant, thoughtful books wherein he writes simply and directly about the often complex subjects of art and aesthetics. He designs his own books, including the typeface, and they’re special objects in and of themselves. What Artists Do, Koren’s…

In his season finale, John Oliver plays authoritarian bingo, warns we're on the verge of losing

“The world is dabbling with something very dangerous right now,” warned John Oliver at the conclusion of his last Last Week Tonight main story of the year on Sunday. No, not our near-universal obsession with Bradley Cooper’s new version of A Star Is Born. Sure, that’s hyperbolic and a little weird, but basically…

Bob's Burgers has familiar fun with its latest Thanksgiving episode


Thanksgiving is about families coming together, so it’s always appropriate when Bob’s Burgers treats us to a holiday episode featuring all five Belchers in the same story. This year’s entry takes aim at one of America’s most daffily nonsensical traditions, the annual presidential pardon of a turkey. As both Bob and…

Supergirl would like to remind you to fight hatred this Thanksgiving, especially when it carries a tiki torch


There are plenty of adjectives you could use to describe the past three seasons of Supergirl: Inspiring, exhilarating, funny, earnest, and often times a little bit dumb. But there’s one adjective that’s never applied until now: Scary. Season four of Supergirl is genuinely terrifying, not just in…