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A Saved By The Bell-themed bar and diner is coming to Chicago

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We may never get another Saved By The Bell Reunion, what with Screech’s social calendar being dominated by his stint in jail, but fans in Chicago can soon indulge in the next best thing. No, not a viewing party for Saved By The Bell: The College Years—it’s actually a theme pop-up bar and diner, dedicated to The Max and its pimply patrons. The “Saved By The Max” parody pop-up bar and diner is not affiliated with NBC or Rysher Entertainment, and will instead act as an unauthorized homage, a la the Lifetime movie and its low-rent stand-ins.

Like the George Costanza-themed bar before it, “Saved By The Max” will feature food and libations named after the sitcom’s characters: There will be A.C. Sliders and Preppy BLTs, the latter of which will presumably be served on white bread. There will also be a costume contest with a cash prize, so you might do well to stock up on the Aquanet and decide just which Kelly Kapowski you wish to embody—will it be Max Waitress Kelly, Shakespeare’s Juliet Kelly, or College Boyfriend-Having Kelly? (Sorry, we recently watched “The Last Dance”.)


The organizers haven’t revealed the location of the pop-up, but the Facebook event page indicates that the burger- and drink-slinging will commence on June 8. There’s no telling how long the pop-up will remain active, but the organizers have rather optimistically alluded to weekly karaoke and dance parties, as well as trivia nights. The whole thing smacks of the kind of get-rich-quick scheme that Zack Morris would have mounted, so the organizers should probably hope there’s no Mr. Belding to foil their plans.

[h/t Chicagoist]