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Actual Movie Trailers I Was Forced To Watch

Here's a small sampling of actual movie trailers that I was forced to watch (out of boredom): 1. Miami Vice

I can't prove it, but I think that half of the footage in this trailer was stolen from Biggie's "Hypnotize" video. I'm serious. And how can there not be a shot of Colin Farrell in a neon pastel t-shirt with a white blazer over it? I realize that Michael Mann & Co. are probably trying to distance themselves from the TV show, but guess what? People expect to see neon shirts and white blazers aplenty whenever the words Miami Vice enter their line of vision. Without that visual cue it's just Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell hanging out near boats. Otherwise, I have no idea what this movie is about. Any guesses? 2. You, Me, And Dupree

Here's a list of the songs used in this trailer: "I Just Want To Celebrate" (used over the establishing Dupree-is-a-carefree-guy montage) "Funky Cold Medina" (a nice choice for the walking-in-on-embarrassing-sex scene) and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" (Used right after Matt Dillon utters the words "Dupree's gotta go," and through the Dupree-publicly-goes-to-the-bathroom scene). You've basically seen the movie now. Honestly, Owen Wilson gets closer to Rob Schneider every day. 3. The Omen

The scariest part about this trailer is that Julia Stiles (who is 25) plays Damien's mom. It seems like only yesterday that she was learning how to appreciate hip-hop from the whitest black guy ever, right? Anyone else been subjected to these trailers?

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