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Alison Willmore

Loving the work artists produce doesn’t guarantee feeling the same way about their choices or personalities. It’s

It feels unfair to call King Kelly a found-footage movie—its title character, who frequently turns the camera on

The brisk, earnest Chasing Ice documents nature photographer James Balog as he creates the Extreme Ice Survey, an

Adolf Hitler didn’t have any officially recognized direct descendants, but the subjects of Hitler’s Children, a

Pornographers and young-adult novelists alike would slap their foreheads in exasperation over Jack & Diane, the

Josh Schwartz is the man behind the primetime teen soap-operatics of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, but his big-screen

There’s an irresistible cinematic appeal to watching kids dedicate themselves to fundamentally non-kid-like

Ponderous and heavy with its own importance, Simon And The Oaks is the kind of film that’s made for awards—it nabbed