Chuck Palahniuk knows a lot of things. His books โ€“ Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Choke, Lullaby, and Survivor among many others โ€“ are packed with odd trivia and weird little byways; he's a font of random information about everything from linguistics to history to architecture.

So here's your opportunity to ask him a random question.

We're looking for questions for a feature to be titled "Chuck Palahniuk answers your questions about anything but himself and his work." That means everything he's involved with personally or creatively โ€“ his books, Fight Club the movie, his pranks with the Cacophony Society, his inspirations, his taste in food, his private life โ€“ is off-limits.


Everything else is wide open. Send us your trivia questions, your philosophical quandries, your questions about the workings of society or sex or your own uncertain futures. Whatever non-Chuck Palahniuk thing you want to ask aboutโ€ฆ we'll gather the best of your questions and send them to Chuck Palahniuk to answer. Just post 'em here.