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Cat says "NONONONO" to Loutallica

In case it wasn’t obvious from Jason Heller’s D-grade review and the 300-ish comments mocking the project that ran on the site today, the collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, Lulu, is a trainwreck that people just can’t look away from. The record’s currently hovering in the low 40s on Metacritic, and while you could go and bask in the delicious snark of each and every critical analysis (“The bulk of Lulu sounds like your dad's drunk friend reciting his self-penned erotica over a melting ReLoad cassette.”) here’s a more concise review, courtesy of last week’s Insta-Meme VIP NONONONO Cat, in a mashed-up reaction video for Loutallica’s “The View”:



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