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Chris Brown arrested by French police on allegations of rape

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Chris Brown, the R&B singer who’s maintained a steady side hustle beating up women and taunting SWAT teams, is currently being questioned by Paris police over accusations of rape, The New York Times reports.


Brown allegedly invited the 24-year old victim and several other women to his hotel room after attending a nightclub on January 15. Once there, the woman in question found herself alone in a room with Brown, who she claims sexually assaulted her. She also alleges that she was raped by both Brown’s bodyguard and a friend of the singer.

A French judiciary told the Times that Brown is being held over suspicions of aggravated rape, as well as “drug-related infractions.” For Brown, this arrest marks the latest arrest in a career filled with them. In the years since his 2009 assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna, the wildly popular artist has faced a slew of assault-related allegations, both physical and sexual, as well as charges related to drugs and guns.

Per the Associated Press, officials have two days to either file preliminary charges or let him walk. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in a French prison.

RCA, which is owned by Sony Music, has yet to release a statement. Just last week, though, the company was finally forced to release R. Kelly, another client with a long, sordid history of sexual assault. Will it take a six-part documentary series for them to do the same with Brown? Probably.

UPDATE (3:55 P.M.): Chris Brown has denied the allegations against him in a very Chris-Brownian way. On Tuesday, an image was posted to his Instagram account reading, “This b!tch lyin’.” In the accompanying caption, he claims that the allegations are “FALSE AND A WHOLE LOT OF CAP [sic]!” He adds that “THIS IS SO DISRESPECTFUL AND IT AGAINST MY CHARACTER AND MORALS!!!!!” See it below.


UPDATE (4:55 P.M.): Variety reports that Brown has been released from custody with two men who are said to be the bodyguard and friend named in the complaint. No charges have been filed. According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, the investigation is ongoing.

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