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Disney+ has given us a dumb new reason to debate the Han and Greedo scene

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Lucasfilm (YouTube)

Today’s launch of Disney+ hasn’t been entirely smooth for everyone, but some of us are just happy to have access to The Apple Dumpling Gang, so your mileage may vary. There is, however, a great disturbance in the Force quadrant of Disney+, where it appears that Lucasfilm has changed the infamous Han/Greedo scene in A New Hope... again. As pointed out by the Star Wars Visual Comparisons Twitter account, the showdown between Han Solo and Greedo is—well, it’s different, to put it kindly:


It’s not the first time Lucasfilm has changed the Han/Greedo scene, of course. When director George Lucas released his specialized edition of the original trilogy, he edited the scene to make it clear that it was Greedo who fired the first shot. The change settled an ongoing and highly-exhaustive debate, but also made the scene kind of stupid because who has the time. Anyway, it appears that the scene has been altered again, this time to appease... well, it’s unclear exactly who benefits from this change. In addition to being wildly senseless, the new version is also nearly incomprehensible and somehow vastly more stupid. It’s almost impressive. There’s an insert shot of Greedo, and then he says something that isn’t subtitled and the two characters shoot at each other, seemingly at the same time? There are sparks and smoke, and it’s not clear what the fuck just happened.

But maybe—just maybe—Lucasfilm has accomplished something here: Instead of arguing over who shot first, Star Wars nerds are now debating the spelling of whatever the hell Greedo says before he shoots at Han. Is it McLunkey? MacLunkey? We now take you to Twitter, where famous people (okay, mostly Stephen King) are weighing in on the great Disney+ Launch Day Debate:


It’s like “Covfefe” but without all the evil that comes with it.