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Emma Stone turned down a role in the new Ghostbusters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Emma Stone has already proven she’s a good enough actor to play a part-Asian woman in Aloha, but apparently she doesn’t feel like “professional ghost hunter” is in her wheelhouse. According to an interview with The Wall Street Journal (via /Film), Stone says she was offered a role in Paul Feig’s all-female (well, mostly) Ghostbusters reboot, but chose to turn it down. Stone says, “the script was really funny,” but it “just didn’t feel like the right time” for her to do a big franchise movie. She says doing projects like that is “a whole ‘thing’,” and that she might “need a minute” before doing another one.

Stone is presumably making a reference to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 there, so apparently something about playing Gwen Stacy in that movie was really neck-breaking for her. Later on, though, she says she’d “love” to play “someone crazy or dangerous,” like a villain. Maybe she’ll be a female Vigo The Carpathian in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters 2?