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A Kiss in a Taxi

1h 10m


Bebe Daniels (Ginette)Chester Conklin (Maraval)Douglas Gilmore (Lucien Cambolle)Henry Kolker (Leon Lambert)Richard Tucker (Henri Le Sage)Agostino Borgato (Pierre)Eulalie Jensen (Valentine Lambert)Rose Burdick (Gay Lady)Jocelyn Lee (Secretary)


Clarence G. Badger



Ginette, a waitress at the Café Pierre, loves Lucien, a poor artist, and objects to the attentions of others with whatever glassware is at hand, though Lucien's father forbids their marriage. While Leon Lambert and a "gay lady" are riding the boulevards, they stop at a florist's shop. At the same time, Ginette, pursued by her irate employer, runs down the boulevard and into the waiting taxi. Leon returns, offers a bouquet to the stranger, and forces a kiss; the chauffeur, losing control of the car, crashes through the cafe window. Leon buys the restaurant for Ginette, expecting her gratitude, but uses the card of Maraval, treasurer of the Artists' Society. To escape an awkward situation, Leon poses as Ginette's father, then forces Maraval to assert himself as the girl's lover; with complications resolved, the lovers are united.