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Analysis Paralysis

1h 31m


Jason T. Gaffney (Tyler O'Conner)Kevin Held (Shane Revere)Chopper Bernet (Peter Revere)Laura Wernette (Wilma Revere)Mildred Marie Langford (Therapist Candice)Aly Trasher (Becky)David J. Goren (Drizzle)David Craven (Yogi)


Jason T. Gaffney



Analysis Paralysis is an LGBTQ romantic comedy about the intersection of imagination and anxiety, and the courage to reach for love. The story begins when Tyler O'Conner, a young gay author, visits a therapist and discovers that he suffers from an anxiety disorder commonly called "Analysis Paralysis" - an inability to take action without imagining the ways that each possible choice could go wrong. The problem is that, unchecked, the condition will lead Tyler into a state of complete inaction. To confront the disorder, Tyler decides to fight through his anxiety and ask his cute neighbor, Shane, out for coffee. Despite a flurry of imagined disasters, the date goes well, and Shane and Tyler ultimately become involved. Against all odds, the relationship moves forward, but not without every step of the way - sex, moving in together, and meeting Shane's parents - preceded by an avalanche of negative, albeit hilarious, fantasies. Finally, convinced that Shane is leaving as a result of an uncomfortable interaction with Shane's mom and dad, Tyler steels himself for what he sees as the inevitable rejection. But Shane has other plans.