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Äntligen Krig

1h 18m


Caroline Burns (Agnetha Fältskog)Sam Baesler (Bjorn Ulvaeus, Polismyndigheten agent)Cory Ackerman (Benny Andersson)Sylvie Miles (Cassandra, Prime Minister Livingstone, Agnetha's Mother, Anton SSAB, Stig Anderson, Jim, Eurovision Presenter)Joe Davies (Sven Ondska)Fiona Roberts (Anni Frid Lyngstad)


Joe Davies



Sweden 1974, The country is gripped by anti-Swiss paranoia. Not the ideal political climate for young immigrant Elaine. Her luck seems to take a turn for the better when she moves in with three Swedes (none of which know her true identity) and they start a band known as ABBA and start to rise in popularity. But along side there rise to stardom another figure rises in the political realm, Sven Onska. A far-right, nationalist and very anti-Swiss candidate. Beating all the odds he's elected Prime Minister. With the election comes a new tide of ideology in Sweden. The Swiss are vilified and the Swedes exalted. Just when things seem to hit rock bottom, they fall deeper. Elaine, helped by a Swiss intelligence agent. Discover a top-secret war ministry plan, one that will destroy Switzerland, and possibly the whole world.