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Cowboy Makedonski

1h 5m


Antoaneta GochevaGoran Stojanov


Fabio Ferrero



At the age of eighteen, Goran arrives in Italy from Macedonia. In no time he wins the trust of many Barolo wine producers and begins providing them with labour. The Macedonian labourers call him "the Cowboy". Today he lives in Govone where he rents and shares a modest farmhouse with his girlfriend Antoaneta. He is worried because everything is starting to go wrong after years of doing well, maybe it's becoming a little too much for a Macedonian living in Italy. When there seems to be no way out, he decides to embark on a journey backwards, towards east, towards home. But Macedonia also seems to reject him. Cowboy Makedonski is a documentary that runs away from all order and planning, a documentary that chases the ghost of a story, a story that risks remaining an unfulfilled dream. A tragic dream that has no end, just like the life of the protagonist.