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Crescent City Chronicles: Chains in the Attic

2h 30m


Anthony Aikens (FCI Agent)Nick Alford (FCI Agent)Shannyn Elizabeth Allen (Jackie Potts)Taylor Belcher (Bar & Grill Patron)Jenna Blaine (Kayla Perkins)Kimberly Bluitt (Jaslin Frost)Jacqueline Branch-Pobanz (Bar & Grill Patron)Lisa Brave (Isabel Perkins)Rita Buchan (Robin King)Alexus Coutre (Detective Danica Wilkes)Hannah Darling (Stephanie Sinclair)Stacy Dennison (Detective Heather Gates)Rey Deveroux (Neighbor)Sean Devlin (Nicholas Walken)Jaden Duke (Bar & Grill Patron)Jacqueline Durfee (Jolene Henderson)Chantel Eubanks (FCI Agent)Tyler Gary (Neighbor)


Kelly Weaver



Welcome to the city of gods and monsters. Crescent City is a melting pot for both. Dealing with both human cases and special cases Detective Joseph Chapel along with his partner Detective Severina Sinclair, his god daughter Kayla Perkins and the police force of C.C.P.D. do there best to clean up the city of natural and supernatural things. Chains in the Attic is the first film in a 4 part film series. A series of murders is happening in Crescent City. It's up to Detective Joseph Chapel and the officers of Crescent City P.D. to solve these mysterious murders while various things are set in motion for the future of Crescent City. Written and Directed by Kelly D. Weaver. Produced by Terminal 52 Films.