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1h 48m


David Serpa (John)Jason Britt (Horseshoe)Josh Kirby (Andy)Tracy Meeker (Anne)Brian Brummitt (Slick Tim)Scott Chapman (Don Blanco)Zachary Ryan Block (Robert Hawthorne)John Paul Iacoangelo (Doug Stephens)Darren Lebrecht (Big Nick)Pearce Akpata (Ron)Stefon Benson (Cheese)Robert G. Brewer (Judge Caplan)Pat Robertson (Mcfarland)Sidne Smith (Little Anne)Glenn Takakjian (Mike)Sal Amezcua (Roberto Jimenez)Christoff Lombard (Harold Lauritson)Marco Infante (Tony)


David Serpa, Tracy Meeker



When John's father is killed in the line of duty, he vows to become a cop himself. While working as a bail bondsman with his father's old partner, a messy arrest threatens his chances at the academy. Through an unlikely series of events, he gets entangled with organized crime and is offered a clear record in exchange for a few months of service. Seeing no alternative, he takes the deal. As John finds himself getting pulled deeper and deeper into the mob, he discovers he is being set up to take the fall for the Don, who is facing a lifetime in prison. In order to clear his name, he seeks out three extreme characters: Samuel is your average street rat who fancies himself an aristocrat, and has been looking to get himself a nickname for months. After watching a British heist film, he models himself after the characters in it, and tries to establish himself as a legitimate criminal. A run in with the mob leaves him with the nickname he's been dreaming about, and all of organized crime out to get him. Anne and Andy are twins with a dark childhood that has left them emotionally scarred and seeking revenge on their father. When a feud with the mob becomes more than they can handle, and they discover that a certain judge is gunning for their heads, they join John and Samuel, and the group sets their plans in motion.