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Der Wettbewerb



Harald Krassnitzer (Hubert Fischbach)Ann-Kathrin Kramer (Henni Fischbach)Julia Cencig (Margit Fischbach)Cornelius Obonya (Viktor Fischbach)Mira Sophia Ulz (Alina Fischbach)Anais Manon Mazic (Viktoria Fischbach)Valentin Hütter (Theo Fischbach)Bibiane ZellerHans-Michael Rehberg (Hermann Fischbach)Wolfgang PampelManuel RubeyGerhard LiebmannMagdalena KronschlägerFritz von FriedlHary PrinzMichael SchönbornGerhard GreinerNike van der Let


Michael Riebl



Hubert Fischbach has it good in life. His lovely wife Henni is a wonderful mother to his children Alina, 10, and Theo, 8. His career in an energy company is about to take a big step in the right direction. Only the relatives cause him stress from time to time. Whatever Hubert achieved was and never is enough for his father Hermann, a retired general. He has always preferred Hubert's brother Viktor. Family visits tend to get crowded, as the Fischbach brothers Hubert and Viktor live side by side in two semi-detached houses. Hubert and Viktor couldn't be more different. One climber on the road to success, the other a small businessman with an organic shop. Small taunts between the two are part of everyday life, in which Viktor on the electric bike and Hubert in the luxurious SUV tend to set off. However, this increasingly changes when both decide to take part in an eco-competition. A strictly monitored selection process is designed to determine which family leaves the smallest ecological footprint in the community. After initial skepticism, Hubert allows himself to be persuaded by Alina and Theo to take part. Participation and, of course, victory were clear to Viktor right from the start. Viktor, his wife Margit and daughter Viktoria have been living an environmentally conscious life for years. Actually, hardly anything has to be invested to turn your semi-detached house into an ecological model house. When Hubert enters a competition, he doesn't play to lose. Especially not against his little brother Viktor. Even Viktor, who still smiles at Hubert's first steps in the ecological sector, is increasingly having fun. The struggle of the unequal brothers develops into a make or break match. Everyone is looking for the smallest advantage and does not shy away from offensive measures. The neighboring families get caught up in an absurd petty war of mutually reinforcing ecological measures. Henni and Margit finally team up to put an end to the grotesque spectacle. They don't expect that there is only one possible end for the quarrelsome brothers since childhood - when one is on the ground.